Tuesday, 10 February 2004

If my boss finds this...

...I'm out of a job.

Also, if he finds the number of posts on CodeProject (782 in 10 months = ~2.6 per day since I joined) I'm definitely fired. Not all of them were posted during work hours... just most of them.

My contract says I'm not allowed to reveal trade secrets. I've skated awfully close to that on occasions.

In mitigation, I can only say that I'm bloody bored at work. It wasn't supposed to go like this. I was supposed to come in in the morning, pick up the project I was working on, for which I have all the requirements and specifications, code and debug all day, then go home. I might even do a little (unpaid) overtime, if I'm really into what I'm working on.

In practice, what happens is that the work expands to fill the time available. Otherwise, you really would be sitting on your backside with nothing to do. Even when there's nothing to do, modifying the few products we have is practically not allowed. R&D? We've heard of it.

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