Monday, 23 February 2004

BlogJet got cooler

BlogJet now has a Code tab, so I can go and tinker with the few bits it gets wrong and add strikethrough.

Recently there was a débacle over débacle, where it had inserted - IIRC - UTF-8 codes which weren't. Didn't render properly in the browser. Let's see if that's fixed...

Nope. The blog is marked as UTF-8, but the é characters appear literally in the code using their Windows-1252 forms. Lessee now, what magic incantation is it... é is in the Unicode Latin-1 Supplement section, so its code is U+00E9, or é to HTML types.

I don't use é because it tends to break XML, and of course my ATOM feed is an XML document.

Darn. Doesn't have Find-and-Replace in Code view. Ah well, should be easier to copy the code into TextPad and back into BlogJet after extra editing. Couple of stray  s too.

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