Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Four-and-a-half months

…that’s how long I was running Windows 7 RC1 without switching back to my hard disk with Windows Vista. The System event log shows I last booted it on 31 May 2009.

This is practically the last action I’m going to take before wiping this disk – the Vista disk – and installing Windows 7 RTM. Just a little check here and there to find anything that I might not have backed up when transferring over to 7 RC1, then it’s formatting time.

The only thing I’ve missed? The extra 200GB of disk space!

In retrospect Windows Vista has not been a bad operating system, but it had some pretty rough edges, particularly at the start with poor hardware support. It was a rush 18–month project, after the initial three-year disaster of Longhorn, and in some areas it shows. Windows 7 has had a further two-and-a-half years to bake, and a further two-and-a-half years of device driver and hardware development; it’s not fundamentally different but feels more complete.

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