Saturday, 11 July 2009

Technical details on Humax problem

I thought I’d break this into another post so that the fix is easier to understand for non-technical people.

Comparing the old and new driver source shows that the definition of the libusb_request structure had changed. Visual inspection suggested that this was probably the source of the compatibility issue, when using the old DLL with the new driver.

When using the new DLL, the following error occurs: “The ordinal 76 could not be located in the dynamic link library libusb0.dll.” Inspecting the program and DLL shows that while the DLL’s entry points are exported by name, the program links to the DLL by ordinal. This is peculiar; while it’s a little faster than string-matching, and it saves a little space, care has to be taken to keep the ordinals the same between versions of a DLL. Reading the .def file shows that the ordinals weren’t specified, and that numerous functions were added and removed between the two versions.

My fix is to add specific ordinal declarations to the .def file for functions that humax.exe is using, so that the correct functions are used. I did this, and recompiled the DLL with the Windows Vista WDK (Windows Driver Kit). Success! Or, at least, as much success as I’ve had with Windows XP 32–bit; the box still has a tendency to hang during file transfer.

File Attachment: libusb0.def (1 KB)

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