Sunday, 4 July 2004

True Lies

Just finished watching True Lies. Hard to believe it's ten years old, actually. For a Governator picture, it's pretty good, but then the supporting cast is bloody good: Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrera, Art Malik, and a certain Eliza Dushku (better known as Faith from Buffy).

Even at age 14 she was cute, although to be honest the role's fairly small.

Art Malik is currently wasting himself in Holby City.

Around this time, Hollywood had a real habit of casting Islamic/Arabic villains such as the 'Crimson Jihad' in this one. I wonder if the perception of the faces of terrorism (i.e. the predominant nationality/worldview of the terrorists) is in fact based on this, rather than on fact? Wikipedia's list of terrorist groups is only about 25% Islamist.

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