Sunday, 4 July 2004

IE 6.0 SP2 forthcoming?

Previously, Microsoft have said that the IE security changes in XP SP2 won't be released for other OSs. However, I was just skimming PressPass and saw this quote:

"In addition to this configuration change, which will protect customers against the immediate reported threats, Microsoft is working to provide a series of security updates to Internet Explorer in coming weeks that will provide additional protections for our customers.

"Later this summer, Microsoft will release Windows XP Service Pack 2, which includes the most up-to-date network, Web browsing and e-mail features designed to help protect against malicious attacks and reduce unwanted content and downloads. A comprehensive update for all supported versions of Internet Explorer will be released once it has been thoroughly tested and found to be effective across a wide variety of supported versions and configurations of Internet Explorer."

(from Microsoft Statement Regarding Configuration Change to Windows in Response to Download.Ject Security Issue)

Does this mean they've changed their minds? Will a separate IE 6.0 SP2 be released? I hope so.

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