Monday, 17 May 2004

The great clearout, part 1

I suspect this is going to be more than one entry...

This weekend, my parents have a visitor coming to stay from Düsseldorf, Reading's twin town. She needs somewhere to sleep, surprisingly, so I have to clear out my sister's old bedroom - which, since I returned from University, has been both my mum's sewing room and my guitar practice/Xbox/TV/extra storage room. A number of things I brought back from Uni have never been sorted out properly - I've been in a 'ah, it's only temporary' mindset for the best part of three years.

So I decided to tackle one of the boxes - an old Amazon box containing various files (and, for some reason, a bunch of telephone cable, some cable tacks and a phone socket - I think I planned to fit this at the last student house but never got round to it). Inside, I found a few course notes, a collection of unused Christmas cards (I don't remember sending many cards, but I have a bunch of spares anyway) and an absolute stack of papers relating to my second second year (I'll talk about that some time, if I haven't already) group project.

This project required a small hotel management system to be written in Ada with a web front-end (actually, the web front end wasn't essential, but more marks were available if you did). I essentially designed and implemented the whole system - basically I came up with what was a reasonably efficient design (based on hash tables) using Ada generics. However, I wasn't too good at communicating the design or the implementation to my team-mates - and it did use a lot of the language's features that we'd barely covered in lectures. It just overwhelmed them.

Anyway, I've recycled all the printout and design notes because, well, it's basically irrelevant to anything I'm doing now (different OS, language, environment, etc) and I've got all the source code on my hard disk anyway.

Other noteworthy documents I found (and I'm going to link to, then recycle):

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike it's Oliver (G). If I had to write a paragraph summary of my 2nd yr group project, it would read identically to yours. Oh, except for the hash bit; I used generics and lots of serailized stuff, I remember that at least. Nice to know I wasn't the only one with communication, err, difficulties.