Monday, 1 December 2003

Silence, and annoyances

Yesterday was "fun" for a couple of reasons - firstly, I couldn't get to The Register because Norton Internet Security had got it on a blacklist (seems to have gone today, though). Then, I couldn't get into Blogger to blog the fact. Blogger was perfectly capable of telling me I'd entered the wrong password - it just didn't do anything when I entered the right password.

Today's annoyance is in Outlook 2000 and is a general point: toolbars are supposed to offer quick access to features accessible in other ways. I was trying to organise my new Vault Mailing List folder to set Group By Conversation (which I use for my other mailing lists) but couldn't remember how. OK, right-click blank area, choose Group By. I get an area at the top of every folder with a Group section.

Fine, but I don't change my groupings that often - I set it once, then never change it (either I don't want it grouped, or I want it threaded). How do I get rid of the damned Group header?

It turns out that I have to - as in, there is no other discernable way - click the almost invisible Group By Box button in the Advanced toolbar. There's no Close button in the Group By Box, and there's no 'Remove This' in the context menu (indeed, there's no context menu at all for this box).

And now it appears that it's turned it on for all folders, and I have to turn it off for every damned folder. I have 20 email folders and currently 53 subscribed blogs (I use NewsGator).

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