Saturday, 6 December 2003

Frequency Restrictions

My parents are out of town this weekend, so I thought I'd move my XBOX down from the room I normally play in, down to the living room. The semi-crappy TV I normally use is a 14" 4:3 set that only supports PAL at 50Hz.

The main set is a practically-brand-new 28" 16:9 widescreen stereo set that supports PAL at 60Hz (actually, I think it natively supports SECAM and NTSC too).

So I start up the console, and go into settings: audio to Stereo, video to Widescreen, PAL-60. I put Project Gotham Racing in the drive, wait for the annoying title sequence to go away (bashing A lots to get it to go away quicker - I swear, the A button will be the first thing on the controller to break), choose Load Existing Driver, From Hard Disk, Mike - annoying buzzing sound.


I look at the screen, and there at the bottom in red: Frequency: 50Hz

Apparently, if I created this driver at 50Hz, I can't play at 60Hz! I can't see any logical reason for this. So, to play, I had to go back into Dashboard's Settings option, and change back to PAL-50.

I hope they don't do this on PGR2.

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