Saturday, 11 July 2009

Downloading from your Humax PVR9200T on Windows x64

The Humax PVR9200T is a pretty good Freeview/digital terrestrial personal video recorder. I’ve had mine for a few years now. Over time, the disk fills up with some programmes you want to keep. It’s possible to copy recorded programmes from the box to your computer, over USB.

Unfortunately the supplied eLinker software is not highly-regarded. As a result some replacements have been written, such as Humax Media Controller. However, the driver supplied only works on 32–bit Windows.

The USB library and driver used are a Win32 port of libusb, a driver which makes it possible to write your USB transfers fully in user-mode. A later version ( has both 32– and 64–bit versions of the driver. However, the updated driver doesn’t work with the libusb0.dll supplied with Media Controller 1.05, and the program won’t run if you overwrite it with the new DLL.

I’ve rebuilt the new DLL so it will work with the program. The attached ZIP file contains the new version and the new drivers. To use, extract the contents of the folder. Copy the libusb0.dll in the top-level folder to the Humax Media Controller folder, overwriting the current version. Then, use Update Driver in Device Manager to install the driver from the Driver folder.

Windows Vista introduced a driver signing requirement for x64, and this driver isn’t signed. To get it to load on Windows Vista and Windows 7, reboot, and press F8 until the boot menu appears. From this menu, select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, then continue to boot normally.

Hopefully this will help other people with the x64 versions of Windows!

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Unknown said...

Wauw! Kudo's to you.

If this works my Dad will be so happy. And so will I.

Crappy copyright issues and these PVR's. I am so happy i just have internet, tv-card and a proper mediacenter.

Thanks. Will come back to you if it really works. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Can now use Windows 7 to manage my Humax. Excellent! Thanks gain.

jxp said...

Excellent, worked a treat! In fact it even seemed faster.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone,

I coul'dnt get it to work. I get this on my screen: Can't find ordinal 76 in the libusb0.dll. I work with windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. I've done everyting as was discriped the the post of Mike's but unfortunately I ended up with the above message. I hope someone can help me out. please. Thanks you.

Marcel (Netherlands)

Dewed said...

Thank you!

Tom said...

Currently W7 gives an error code 43 when installing the driver. Has anyone encountered the same problems?

Mike Dimmick said...

@Tom, did you turn Driver Signing off before trying to install the driver?

I recently installed it on Windows 7 final release (my Humax has been playing up recently and I wanted to grab everything off it before reformatting the disk) and got an error message, but it had actually installed OK.

@Marcel: Make sure you're copying libusb0.dll from the root directory of the ZIP file. The files in the Driver folder should not be used, unfortunately I can't get rid of them as the INF file refers to them.

Tom said...

Yes, i did turn off the driver signing ( not only with F8 on startup, but also in the register ). Somehow, the service (libusb0) won't start when I turn on the laptop.

I installed the driver this way:
- Download 2 zip's ( yours and the one from Humax Media Controller )
- copied the file as you said
- connect Humax device and turn it on
- select driver manually

When I open the device in device manager, Windows displays a code 43 error. Saying Windows encoutered a problem with the device. Also the service libusb0 won't run.

Thank you for your help!

Tom said...

Turning the humax on and off with the switch on the back did the trick!

MrBrain said...

fantastic. Thanx for a great job!

Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm! You da Man Mike!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this article. I now have the USB connection to my Humax PVR working on Windows 7 x64...much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I don't know if you still use this blog, but I hope this gets to you. Thank you for posting that fix for the Humax. Worked a treat. I really appreciate this.
Michael Smith (PVR9200T owner)

Anonymous said...

My 9200TBX suddenly stopped recording so I needed to get everything off and format the drive. Having only used media elinker on XP before I thought I was doomed as I now have win7 x64. But this driver and Media Controller have saved the say. Easy to use too. Many thanks!