Sunday, 10 September 2006

Missing font on Vista RC1

Anyone reading this blog from Windows Vista (Pre-RC1 build 5536 or RC1 build 5600) might notice a slight difference in appearance between Vista and XP. What is it?

They forgot to include Trebuchet MS Italic!

Windows Vista instead installs two copies of Trebuchet MS Bold Italic. When called upon to produce Trebuchet MS Italic, the Windows TrueType/OpenType renderer instead simply slants a copy of Trebuchet MS. This doesn't look very good - there's a reason that Vincent Connare drew a true italic.

I remember reporting a bug on Pre-RC1, but since I can't access the feedback site (being part of the Customer Preview Program rather than a 'beta tester', a differentiation that seems a little bizarre – do Microsoft not want bug reports from CPP members?) I don't know if anything's being done.

Perhaps Michael Kaplan could see what's happening here (although he does use Tahoma 'Italic' on his blog ;-) – there is no true italic for Tahoma).

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