Monday, 27 February 2006

I tried so hard

I tried so hard, but I was defeated.

I was looking to buy Joe Satriani’s new album, “Super Colossal”, from a genuine UK retailer – ideally actually a UK copy. First of all, it doesn’t look like this is getting a UK release, or at least if it is, there’s no official information on it.

OK, so it has to be an import. I look on Amazon UK, it’s there, I pre-order it. About a day later I get an email – they’re cancelling the order. So now I’m buying from CD-WOW instead. Since this is Sony USA, I hope it’s not too badly DRM infested (although I am of course running as a limited user).

If you’re interested, Joe’s podcasting a little about each track, plus a one minute (or so) preview of the track. Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday. If you want the videos, you’ll need QuickTime 7. I’m using Media Player Classic plus ffdshow codecs.

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