Sunday, 18 December 2005

The two-minute Xbox 360 and PGR3 review

I’m underwhelmed.

OK, that evaluation is based on playing a guy for one race on multiplayer on a demo pod yesterday. The shop was pretty loud and the console quiet, which made it not very involving. The rumble didn’t feel that great. The graphics are better than the current generation but actually not that much better than PGR2 – but I had a one foot view, not a ten foot view since the controllers are hard-attached to the pod. I think the screen was set up correctly but I don’t actually know.

We were lost in the game’s UI. Very lost. We ended up having a race with one computer car which zoomed off into the distance – and that was only on Medium skill. I lost – I kept crashing into the corners due to the lack of feedback from the game (audio and rumble), and lost when I crashed into the last corner on the last lap. I lost so badly that I didn’t even reach the finish line before the 30 second timer ran out after the computer car crossed the line (hence ending the game).

Maybe I should go back when it’s quieter and have a go at Career Mode.

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Its cos ur shite