Thursday, 4 August 2005

Loving the new monitor

I finally decided I needed more desktop space: both computer desktop, and the real desktop my monitor sits on – and this computer sits under. So I decided it was time to replace my old faithful Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 400 17” CRT with a flat panel. I looked at a number of sites and picked the ViewSonic VP191b 19” panel. So I can now use 1280x1024 comfortably.

It took a little while to adjust it to how I like it – colours seemed a little washed out – and it’s very bright. For tips on adjusting your monitor, see Charles Poynton’s article on ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’ controls.

It cost a lot – nearly £400 after VAT and delivery – but I reckon it’ll last. It’s got something to live up to – the Iiyama lasted seven years with me, and is still going strong.

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