Saturday, 23 April 2005

Full-screen is a new feature??

Paul Thurrott: Tiger math 2: When a feature isn't a feature

Apparently Apple are touting full-screen video playback as a new feature in QuickTime 7 in Mac OS X ‘Tiger’. Except that you actually don’t get it in ‘Tiger’, you have to pay for an upgrade to QuickTime Pro – the upgrade to the Pro edition of 6.5 cost $29.99.

In contrast, Windows Media Player has full-screen support out-of-the-box. I seem to recall that it has done ever since Media Player 6.4 on Windows 2000. Certainly the version of Media Player 6.4 that ships with Windows XP (run mplayer2 from Program Files\Windows Media Player), version on my computer, has this feature.

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