Sunday, 6 February 2005

What a lovely birthday present

To whoever broke my driver’s door mirror, and didn’t leave a note:

Thanks for the wonderful birthday present. No, really. NOT!

I’m more annoyed because this time it’s not my fault.

My theory is that someone was going too fast down my road and got a bit close. It’s not as if they wouldn’t notice: the actual mirror is fine – still reflects the road behind me. It’s the fact that the only thing now holding it onto the car is a single clip on the facing plate – oh, and about two feet of gaffer tape. When I found it this morning it was basically hanging on by the three springs used to adjust the position. It might be possible to superglue it but I’ll try that at work tomorrow – I’m not standing out in the road doing it now. In future I’ll have to remember to tuck the mirrors in when I leave it. No-one else in the road seems to.

Part of the problem is that the end of what seems a fairly major road, just before it turns into the very major road, is in fact a bus lane – for all of about 50m – and is closed off to regular traffic, and the only warning of this is the sign a couple of metres before telling people to turn into my road. As a result this road is much busier than it should be.

(I’m 27.)


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love living in Reading

Anonymous said...

hehehehe lol

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