Thursday, 15 April 2004

News Aggravator

I really need to sort out my news synchronisation. I read my feeds both at work and at home - the same set of feeds. At work I'm using Awasu and at home, NewsGator.

I spend quite a bit of time marking posts I've already read, as read - a task which is relatively tricky in Awasu.

Why use two aggregators? I don't really want to use NewsGator at work as I feel it would get in the way of what I'm supposed to be doing with Outlook, i.e. working, but then it doesn't seem possible to collect all new posts from all blogs into a single notification in Awasu, so I might change.

With respect to synchronisation, I don't want to pay for NewsGator Online Services. Maybe I need to write an Outlook plugin (no! not another one! it's slow enough already with SpamBayes, SpamNet and NewsGator!) which can do the sync for me. Of course it ought to use SIAM, but it'll probably end up being FTP (or could I just FTP a SIAM file?)

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