Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Oops, we slipped

Microsoft Watch is reporting that Yukon (the next release of SQL Server) and Whidbey (the next release of Visual Studio) have slipped to 2005.

Damn, I was looking forward to programming devices in C++ using Visual Studio. Embedded Visual C++ is a cut-down and modified version of Visual C++ 6.0. Not done very well, I might add; it's very crash-prone, particularly if used aggressively - I have a very short code-compile-test-debug cycle. Sometimes I could do with more thought, but if I leave it too long before compiling I end up going down blind alleys. Compiling and testing gives me confidence.

I was also looking forward to an improved .NET Compact Framework (I'll post my frustrations with writing a pretty simple control soon) and a more complete .NET Framework - also, a 64-bit Framework.

I wonder which bit slipped? Probably the CLR, if the list of job postings posted by an MS blogger recently (that I can't now find!) was anything to go by.

It'll also get me off Josh Heitzman's back ;)

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