Friday, 9 January 2004

Habits of ineffective people

It's been a long week.

It shouldn't have been - I've had plenty of work to do - but somehow I've just been virtually unable to actually do any of it. OK, I've just gone back to work after three weeks off, but that hasn't been a problem before.

Monday and Tuesday were spent reinstalling after last Friday's debacle. Once you've got a system that mostly works, though, the horrible temptations are all back - reading email, news sites, forums, downloading software, etc. It can be difficult to remember that there's an install happening in the background - I think VS.NET 2003 was waiting for disc 2 for about an hour...

Meanwhile I seemed to get more done on my own PC at home than at work. Maybe this is a sign that my work environment just isn't effective at the moment - could be time for a change.

Then, this afternoon, I found Joel's article on Fire And Motion. Nice to know I'm not alone, but I can't let it go on.

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